Right Thing Award

You have heard our “Do the Right Thing” slogan countless times, and you might wonder at what point the slogan translates into action?

We are so adamant about doing the right thing and proving it to people, we have implemented a “Right Thing of the Month” award to the most deserving individual. In most cases, the award will go to one of our employees, because that’s where we see the Right Thing happening on a regular basis. But if we see it elsewhere – among our customers, partners, colleagues or anywhere in the community – we’ll recognize it as the Right Thing of the month. Here is a list of previous award winners.


January, Joey Smith, technician

November, Flora and Gene Wilson, Customers
October, Tyler Christ, NAPA Auto Parts
September, Ema Gutierrez, Customer Service Rep
August, Jesse Floyd, Muncie Rod Benders auto club
July, Benjy Brackman, Chabad of NW Metro Denver
June, Kent McCray, Technician
May, Michelle Richardson, Customer
April, Robert Diaz, Customer
March, Adrian Garcia, Emissions Tech
February, Travis Holmes, Technician
January, Jennifer Anton, Customer

December, Jason Valdez and Travis Holmes, Technicians
November, Kim McFadden, Customer
October, Ray Norton, NAPA sales representative
September, City of Westminster Emergency Medical Technicians
August, Mike Crumpton, Technician
July, Dusty Schulze, Construction Superintendent, Mendel & Company
June, Ema Gutierrez, Customer Service Rep
May, Eddie Esparza, Technician
April, Kent McCray, Technician
March, Rick Madeson, Vendor of Schaeffer Mfg. Co.
February, Kim LeMieux, Business Administrator
January, Jason Valdez, Service Technician

December, Flora and Gene Wilson, Customers
November, Sean Kuchera, Customer Service Advisor
October, Jason Valdez, Technician
September, Karen Bogart, Customer
August, Darcie Hernandez
July, Gary Kingsbury, Customer Service Advisor
June, Derrick and Amber Fossett, Customers
May, Mike Crumpton, Service Technician
April, Raul Manrique, Technician
March, Kent McCray, Technician